Choosing Wallpaper Singapore: A Beginner’s Guide

Do you feel bored looking at your wall design or color may be? You can turn your wall from dull to elegant one instantly with the use of wallpapers. It’s on the trend and people tend to use it so their walls will look great. If you are living in Singapore, there are best Wallpaper Singapore top designers that would surely help you with your plans. These designers use quality-made wallpapers that do not just look perfect to your homes but also last longer than ordinary materials. You can find more details on wallpaper singapore on the site

Types of Wallpaper Singapore

There are three types of wallpapers that dominate in Singapore market. These types come in Korean, European, and Chinese styles. Get oriented with these designs so you’ll have an idea which one to pick for your home.

Korean: Korean wallpapers usually are made of vinyl with paper backing and comes in very wide range of designs. You won’t be limited in planning your home decor design as it comes with various lovely colours. Compared to other wallpapers Singapore, it is quite larger in size that typically measures 15.6m x 1.06m.

European: if you like to be of classy and sophisticated style, you can choose among European designs of wallpapers Singapore. Usually, European wallpapers usually come in a size of 10m x 0.53m per roll. Compared to other styles, European wallpapers have higher price due to transportation and shipping fee.

Chinese: Chinese Wallpapers are usually the cheapest when it comes to price. They are made of PVC material but are durable and tend to last longer. For those who are practical, Chinese wallpapers will surely fit your taste.

Guide For Shopping Wallpaper Singapore

Depending on your taste, you can do a lot of styles and design to your wall using Wallpapers Singapore. As there are many designs available, you can explore themes and decide what kind of design you will pick.