The Two Common Ways on how to discipline your child

Disciplining your child is very crucial and important when it comes to parenting. This will be the outcome of your child in the future. This shows how you handle your child back then. Moreover, the way you discipline your child speaks how good and great you are as a parent.

Parents who disciplined their child very well can see the difference as the kid grows. It shapes the beliefs and the behavior of the child in their early days. This could make them a great child in the future.

Disciplining your child

There are tons of ways on how to discipline kids. There are two ways in giving the right behavior for the kids. These two are mostly the common types of disciplinary measures. Sometimes, parents use both for being effective.

It is the physical and verbal. Physical is sometimes not advisable since it somehow turns to be abusive but it is very effective. Verbal makes the child get a broad picture of the reason why they got scolded or disciplined.

Physical actions

This refers to the action of hitting the child. This could be a great way of disciplining a child. The thing about hitting the child seems to be very abusive. Most parents that use this way can be seen so abusive. Either way, it is on how this disciplinary action is used. The mild use of this type can be effective on making the child understand. It is still needed to be explained.


This refers to the explanation of the consequence. When you told a child no, they might not understand. This is where it enters. The explanation of why you did scold them. As the child grows, the explanation must broaden. In their early days, it must be a simple explanation. It should be something that they could easily absorb.